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Computer Use

May contain: furniture, table, computer hardware, electronics, hardware, monitor, screen, desk, chair, and computer

The library has three computers for public use for all ages. These are filtered to keep our patrons safe.  Sign-in is required before using the computers to keep usage statistics for the library. No names or personal information is recorded. We have various computer programs for use if you are job searching, emailing, typing a project, or just surfing. They are here for you. Microsoft Office 365 and a flatbed scanner are available to use. Also, we have free wireless internet for those with their own devices. Please note that the staff does not have the time to help you create accounts, help you with passwords, or email. This information is all private, and we are not allowed to help with personal information. If you are not competent on the computer, pleases bring someone you know that can help you with your computer needs.