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ICFL (Idaho Commission for Libraries)

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The ICFL funds so many programs for our library. Just this past year, they have funded Kindergarten Pre-Kindergarten backpacks, Chromebooks and computer training for our Senior Citizens and Veterans,  Out of School STEM checkouts, and out-of-school activities at the library. They are funding several aspects of our Summer Reading and are always available to help.  The ICFL has donated many thousands of dollars to our library to update our Internet Services. They sent in a team to put in access points all throughout the library and out so that our patrons can access our WiFi Internet Services anywhere inside and outside of the library, including the pavilion at the city park. This service provides equal access to all of our patrons. They have also just provided us $24,500 for an online and in-house learning lab with software and computers. Through their youth services, we are able to distribute free books to our underserved children, and we are now working on Kindergarten Readiness Kits received through a $10,000 grant from ICFL. Earlier this year, we received $500 for STEM and $1000 for a VR set and camera as part of a Make-It at the library grant. Our SORA app for students and IDEA database of Juvenile and Young Adult books is also from the ICFL.