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Our Donors

We appreciate those who donate to our library. It stretches our dollars immensely. We have listed our donors below:

The Nell J. Redfield Foundation

Over the years, the Nell J. Redfield Foundation have donated thousands of dollars to our library. They helped fund the children's addition, HVAC system, a new roof, photocopy machine, shelving and a recurring donation for best-selling books each year. Thank you for making our library better.

The Pilcrow Foundation

The Pilcrow provides new, quality, hardcover children's books to rural public libraries. We received 116 new books through their generous donation.

East Idaho- F.M., Anne G., and Beverly B. Bistline Foundation Fund Grant

The Bistline Foundation generously provides us with funding for our ongoing Summer Reading Program "Art in the Park." Through their generous grants the youth take home all sorts of art supplies to further their creative process. The Bistline Foundation also provided us with a year full of "Grab 'n Go" bags for our kids during COVID-19 shutdown and curbside. What a fun time they gave our youth as they grabbed their bags and created at home!

ICFL (Idaho Commission for Libraries)

The ICFL has donated many thousands of dollars to our library to update our Internet Services. They sent in a team to put in access points all throughout the library and out so that our patrons can access our WiFi Internet Services anywhere inside and outside of the library, including the pavilion at the city park. This service is providing equal access to all of our patrons. They have also just provided us $24,500 for online and in-house learning lab with software and computers. Through their youth services, we are able to distribute free books to our underserved children and we now are working on Kindergarten Readiness Kits received through a $10,ooo grant from ICFL. Earlier this year we received $500 for STEM and $1000 for a VR set and camera as part of a Make-It at the Library grant. Our SORA app for students and IDEA database of Juvenile and Young Adult books is also from the ICFL.

Gold Membership

We appreciate those with ties to our community or members of our community that regularly donate to the library. Donate $100 and get your name on the plaque as a Gold Donor.

Idaho Community Foundation

In the past the ICF has provided money for us to outreach and provide a great reading program for our youth.

Hess Pumice Products

Hess Pumice Products not only helped fund our copy machine, but they provide materials and support for our youth programs.

Friends of the Oneida County Library

We are grateful to our Friends Group. If you choose this foundation through the Smile program, you can donate to the library each time you make a purchase.