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What is Tech-Talk?

Tech-Talk is a premier collection of articles and videos, written each week by top training experts for busy professionals and aspiring students. Tech-talk courses and instructional aids help people stay up-to-date by learning technology and helping them become better communicators in the workplace.


Offered at Home

These classes can be accessed wherever you want including the comfort of your own home from a computer or device such as a tablet or phone. No need to venture out or be in a crowd. Individual learning at your own pace.


How to Access My Classes

Go to the website: and put in the password and user name. The user name and the password are the same: oclib

This is all lowercase. This is unique to our library. Once you are signed in start learning!


Some of the classes in the sections are listed here:


Basics for Non-Techies

Welcome to this special section of Tech-Talk where learning about computers and the internet makes you feel more confident and empowered.

Using Email

The following are the videos and the instruction for this class:

  • Reducing Spam in Your Inbox
  • Figure Out the Email Address
  • Check Your Email Habits
  • Choose to Reply or Reply All
  • Email Etiquette
Internet Safety

The following are the videos and the instruction for this class:

  • What Tells Me This Web Page is Unsafe?
  • Tool to Manage Your Passwords
  • Internet Browsers
  • About Browser Extensions
  • Getting Rid of Browser Bugs
Using Documents

Want to know more about typing and using files on your computer? Take this course.

  • Selecting Multiple Files
  • Finding Documents Quickly
  • Moving Text Around with Drag and Drop
  • Using Paragraph Spacing in Word
  • Using Shift and Control to Click
  • When to Use Double or Triple Click

    Go to the Website and find the instructions on the topics you want to learn.