A few interesting sites.   If you have any sites you want added, email me at the library and I'll put them on.

Wacky Uses -- Discover hundreds of little known uses for brand-name products.

Queen of Clean -- Find many household cleaning tips from the Queen of Clean.

Fly Lady -- Meet the flylady and find out how to organize and clean your home.

Sidetracked Home Executives -- Find out who the slob sisters are and how they got organized.

Quilter's Cache -- Another site for quilters

Quilter's Buzz -- A Quilt Blog with great tips and much fun! -- This blog is by Gina Haladay - daughter of Malad Natives, Kay & Gene Caldwell.

MapQuest -- Plan your trip and print out a map with exact directions.

Time Capsule -- Want to know what headlined on the date of your birth?

AnyWho? -- Need a phone number?  Find it on this site.

US West Index -- Another phone and address directory.

Scrapbooking -- Learn more about scrapbooking at this site.

Antiques and Collectibles -- Those of you who are into antiques will enjoy this site!

House Plans -- Search  through a collection of over 10,250 quality house plans
from 73 of America's premier home architects and designers. ...

Common Sense Media -- This site tells you about current movies and their ratings