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Ready, Set, Grow

Because of a generous pre-kindergarten grant from the Idaho Commission for Libraries, we have a ready-made Grow Kit for newborns and toddlers.  These kits have developmental activities and information for parents to keep track of growth and development. There are consumables for parents and books and activities for the little ones. You will also learn about the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program in Kit #1, which helps parents read to their children. A best practice is reading to your child daily; this kit gives some wonderful tips and ideas. Please come check out these Ready, Set, Grow kits!  Check out the photos below to see what is available.

A colorful illustration of children with blocks under a tree with text "Ready Set Grow" and a logo for Oneida County Library.
Collection of newborn care items and informational leaflets, including a onesie, baby book, and guides on parenting.
Children's educational materials including books, puzzles, and a zebra toy, with information about child development in the background.
A shelf of various books, likely related to health, diet, and parenting, with a sign indicating "NEW BOOKS."
Parenting materials, children's books, and informational brochures on a table.
Children's educational toys and books on a table, including animal puzzles, a flyer, and a zebra toy.
A collection of newborn kits including informational pamphlets, a onesie, a toothbrush, and a mesh bath support.
Potty training materials—books, pamphlets, and blocks—focused on teaching toddlers how to use the toilet.
Purple gift bags filled with books and toys on shelves.
Collection of baby books, pamphlet, and a purple bag on a table, with a green cloth in front.
May contain: logo